Business community

We offer solutions to relieve you.
The working community increases your labor productivity.
The Buhr Business Community is a family farm.

What does the Buhr Business Community include?


– Cultivation of market and special cultures
– Multiplication of different agricultural crops
– Agricultural services, for example
– Machine rental

Seasonal services

Liquid manure is a valuable fertilizer and the secondly steeply increased prices for mineral fertilizers make the manure more valuable. In order to distribute fertilizer exactly, the use of suitable devices is appropriate, which takes into account an appropriate quantity measurement. However, even distribution and a low-loss output is important and important.

We assure you the following advantages:

Accurate metering
Exact distribution
Low-loss application
Soil-sparing application
We come to you and do this for you:

Transport and delivery, even over long distances
Implementation and planning as well as dosage of the manure
Full work rate is provided by us
Fast, flexible and fast realization
Give us a call and we’ll do it for you!

Hier investiert Europa in die ländlichen Gebiete mit

„Agrarumwelt- und Klimaschutzmaßnahmen”

Mit diesen Maßnahmen werden landwirtschaftliche Betriebe bei der Erhaltung und Verbesserung der Umweltsituation unterstützt. Ziel ist eine nachhaltige und ressourcenschonende Bewirtschaftung in Bezug auf Artenvielfalt, Boden, Wasser und den Schutz des Klimas.