Communication logistiks

Sending and receiving messages between the customer and us is crucial to finding the right solution for you. You want to be in the right place with the right solutions at the right time. For this, the organization, control, provision and optimization of processes of the goods, information, money and persons flows in a system and in the whole is very important.


We advise and support you reliably and competently.

What do you receive from us?

We have been offering our customers the Buhr-Solution-Service since 2012.
We support you in:

– Logistics Division
– project management
– Inch
– Trade
– Safety engineering
– Quality
Above all, we place great emphasis on our support and solutions in the areas of safety as well as reliability and transport.
Furthermore, one of our instruments, our computer-assisted program, is available for optimal processing and supports us in the processes.
In addition, the logistics handling of incoming and outgoing transports including warehouse logistics is one of our core competences.
It is also very important to carry out shipping activities with individual integration depths.
We provide our customers with an individual solution and help you achieve your goal successfully.

Hier investiert Europa in die ländlichen Gebiete mit

„Agrarumwelt- und Klimaschutzmaßnahmen”

Mit diesen Maßnahmen werden landwirtschaftliche Betriebe bei der Erhaltung und Verbesserung der Umweltsituation unterstützt. Ziel ist eine nachhaltige und ressourcenschonende Bewirtschaftung in Bezug auf Artenvielfalt, Boden, Wasser und den Schutz des Klimas.